Vid Pod Quo #4: The Amazing Spider-Man

Jared just got back from the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, and has recorded a video review. Was it truly amazing, or should it have stayed an untold tale?

2 thoughts on “Vid Pod Quo #4: The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. I agree, it wasn’t the best and not my favorite in superhero movies. It was good, but didn’t really show me anything new that I didn’t see in the original series effects, action, and story-wise. There seemed to be a lot of “movie cliche” moments, more of the tried and true movie making rather than the ‘let’s push the envelope’ movie making. It lacked flair.

    I also agree with Sally Field. They needed a larger role for her. She was so involved in Peter’s life, but in the movie, they seemed to carry her as less influential and involved.

    I was wondering what you would think if the Director was Joss Whedon who did the Avengers instead of Webb?

    • Yeah, I think the bombast of Raimi’s movies combined with the acting and writing of this one would’ve been perfect.

      And honestly, there’s very little in don’t think Joss should be working on 🙂

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