Feb 11

Episode 63: Coming Straight From The Underworld


Episode 63: Coming Straight From The Underworld

After an extended hiatus, we’re back, with a review of the first four movies in the vampire/werewolf action saga, Underworld. Out of four films, there’s gotta be at least one we liked, right? RIGHT???

Aug 07

Bonus Episode: Suicide Squad

*taps mic*

Hey there, QPQers! Thank you so much for your understanding while our family went through a difficult time these past few month. It was never our intention for our hiatus to last as long as it did, but now, QPQ is back with a review of the newest entry in the Extended DC Universe, Suicide Squad. Reception to this movie has been mixed, to say the least. What did we think? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

P.S. Jared’s still a little rusty and didn’t realize till after Justine left for a week at Boy Scout camp that the recording abruptly cuts off about 15-20 minutes of the show. Sorry folks! 🙁

Nov 21

Episode 61: It’s Clockwork

Quid Pod Quo Episode 61

Hey QPQers!

We’re bacl with our final (and much delayed) Halloween episode in which we review A CLockwork Orange & It Follows! Also, for our gaming fans, during the Once & Future Queue at the top of the show, we discuss the recent PS4 horror title Until Dawn at length, so beware of MASSIVE game spoilers from 01:43-06:25.

Oct 18

Episode 60: Alle/Gory

ey QPQers, happy October! After a month break Quid Pod Quo is back, just in time for Halloween! This year, Jared picks all the horror movies we’ll be watching. First up are 1983’s Sleepaway Camp & 2014’s The Babadook. Enjoy, and as always, let us know what you think!

Jun 21

Episode 58: Fourplay

Hey there loyal Quid Pod Quoers! Thanks for your patience while we worked overtime, recovered from illnesses, and generally got our lives and schedules straightened out. Much like last time, in order to make up for our delay, we’re bringing the heat with extra reviews: The Voices, In The Loop, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Spy!