Episode 8: Vaya Con Diablo

Welcome back Quid Pod Quoers! This week we watched two films written by screenwriting darling of the indie scene, Diablo Cody. Both our hosts have strong feelings going into the episode (Justine liked Juno, Jared hated the writing). Will they feel the same after watching Jennifer’s Body and Young Adult?  Will Jared have to dust off his Emma Stone rant from The Help? Did Justine really see Jennifer’s Body before, or is she horribly mistaken? Find out now!

A little way into the Jennifer’s Body segment, my mic cut out and we had to re-record another day, so we may repeat ourselves. Sorry!


2 thoughts on “Episode 8: Vaya Con Diablo

  1. Well, thanks to Justine’s reaction I took Young Adult out of my Netflix queue. My wife liked Juno (me, not so much) and I thought she might like this one too. Now, I’m not going to bother.

    And hearing about Jennifer’s Body made my head hurt. It looked horrible from the trailer and it seems I was right. But I had no plans to waste my time on that one anyway.

    But despite these terrible movies, you two never fail to make me laugh. 🙂

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