Aug 07

Bonus Episode: Suicide Squad

*taps mic*

Hey there, QPQers! Thank you so much for your understanding while our family went through a difficult time these past few month. It was never our intention for our hiatus to last as long as it did, but now, QPQ is back with a review of the newest entry in the Extended DC Universe, Suicide Squad.¬†Reception to this movie has been mixed, to say the least. What did we think? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

P.S. Jared’s still a little rusty and didn’t realize till after Justine left for a week at Boy Scout camp that the recording abruptly cuts off about 15-20 minutes of the show. Sorry folks! ūüôĀ

Feb 28

Bonus Episode: Live Fast, Die Hard (Bad Girls Do It Well)

Well, we certainly weren’t planning on this episode, but after an impromptu double feature, we decided that we just had¬†to record a bonus episode of QPQ. The fifth Die Hard¬†and the first in a new (possible) YA supernatural love story series were our¬†selections¬†this week. Hear why we were so passionate about these and felt compelled to record a bonus episode!

Mar 06

Episode 6: Am I Black Enough For You?

Wow.¬† Who would’ve thought that a critically acclaimed, Oscar nominated film would’ve lead to our most impassioned debate? In this episode find out:

-Justine’s rankings for Tarantino’s oeuvre.

-What British transvestite we quote when extremely sleep deprived.

-Whether or not being compared to The Color Purple is a good thing.

-And why Jared is actually excited about November’s Twilight Saga retrospective.

All this and the genesis of a Quid Pod Quo drinking game!

P. S.  No spouses were harmed in the making of this episode.

P. P. S.¬† Never let it be said that I’m not passionate about Quid Pod Quo. I spent the evening editing and uploading this episode instead of playing this :

Mass FREAKING Effect 3!

Hope you appreciate it!