Dec 29

Episode 52: 80s Night Part 2

Happy holidays QPQers! We’re back with the second half of our 80s night two-parter. In this episode we review Justine’s pick, the essential 80s action flick, Top Gun and Jared’s pick, the sci-fi actioner Predator. Which one is more ridiculous? Listen and find out. Also, as a holiday bonus we give a very brief, spoiler free review of Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi movie, this summer’s Live. Die. Repeat.aka The Edge of Tomorrow!

p.s. in the Once & Future Queue, I mistakenly called Adrian Alphona, Adrian Alphonzo. Mea culpa.

Nov 29

Episode 50: Cuddle Time


  • We recorded this episode in my mom’s house over the night before Thanksgiving, so we have a few “guest appearances” in the background.
  • We accidentally dropped a pretty significant How To Get Away With Murder spoiler from the mid-season finale during Justine’s section of the Once & Future Queue. Seriously, it was a biggie. Skip to 13:10 if you want to avoid it!

Happy post-Thanksgiving to our American listeners! Happy…um… normal day to our non American listeners! With the weather getting colder, we decided to pick some movies that are good for snugglin’! Justine’s pick was the French romance Love Me If You Dare and I picked a movie I’d been meaning to watch for a while, True Romance. Download this episode, grab a loved one and snuggle under the covers with the 50th (non bonus) episode of Quid Pod Quo!

Jun 21

Episode 43: Pride & Punishment

This episode delay brought to you by springtime flu! Justine had a bout when we were originally supposed record, and then when she finally got over it, I got hit just before editing. Ugh. Oh well, better to have the flu than to be caught in the crosshairs of either mysterious assassin Hanna or badass bounty hunter Domino. At least the flu won’t put an arrow or a bullet through your chest. Check out our thoughts on these killer women as well as the state of serialized fiction in our latest episode of Quid Pod Quo!