Jan 19

Straw Dogs: Just say no!!!!

For anyone who reads the plot summary and thinks to themselves “Wow, this sounds like a well thought out, exciting thriller!” I have three words for you:  Just say no!  Alexander Skarsgard has been the object of many of my (as well as many other women’s) late night fantasies (Sorry Jared!).  So when I saw he had a starring role in a movie, it was already on my must watch list.  Put him together with a cast full of other top quality actors, such as James Woods,  James Marsden, Laz Alonzo, and Dominic Purcell, well hell you would think you have a hit right?  Even the trailers made the movie appear exhilarating.

That exhilaration quickly turns into painful boredom as one is watching this film.  The beginning scenes in this film feel as though you are walking through three feet of mud in a snow suit.  The movie takes a great premise and a good thesis and ruins it by giving us boring and unmemorable characters.  David and Amy Sumner feel like a couple who are on their first vacation together and haven’t quite figured out how they feel about each other yet.  They feel far from the married couple of several years they are supposed to be.  Not to mention they do nothing to make us like David.  From word one out of his mouth you are already rooting for Charlie.

That is until Charlie has to talk.  It is actually painful to hear how badly Alexander Skarsgard’s accent fades in and out.   The only redeeming quality of the movie is the short and fast paced gore-riffic battle at the Sumner homestead.  You get a few inventive death scenes for the torture-porn enthusiast and that is about it.

This film tried to tell a story using only broad strokes and used too wide of a brush.  So for anyone looking to rent this movie, I say don’t!  From what I am told your money is better spent on the original.