Mar 04

Episode 39: Bedtime Stories

In this episode of Quid Pod Quo, we look at two (relatively) modern spins on fairy tales: Ever After, a retelling of Cinderella; and Ridley Scott’s original fable, Legend.

Also, during our “Once & Future Queue” we mention “You Are Not Alone” published by Grayhaven Comics; an anti-bullying comic book anthology that Justine contributed a story to. Please pick up a copy for yourself and for anyone you know who may be a victim of violence, homophobia, racism, etc and spread the word that they are not alone! You can purchase the comic here.

P.S. During part of our review of Ever After our steam radiator decides to grace the podcast with its presence. Apologies for the high pitched whistling.

Jul 22

Episode 33: King of…Nothing

Welcome back QPQers! We’re coming to the end of our epic movie duology, and have saved the longest for last.  First we’ll discuss the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, then we dive into Titanic. Six hours and forty-five minutes of battles, blood, boobs, and boats (well, ships). Find out what we thought right now!