Jan 19

Episode 37: Motherlover

Annnnnnnd we’re back! Fall/winter of 2013 came and went without any QPQ. But we’re back and we’re bringing one of 2013’s most controversial movies with us: Adore. The second half of our Naomi Watts double feature is the romantic comedy, Le Divorce co-starring Kate Hudson. Also, Jared dissolves into Macho Man Randy Savage for a little bit towards the end. Welcome back to QPQ for 2014!

Sep 26

Episode 17: WTF

Hey guys, gals and other lifeforms, it’s time for another new episode of Quid Pod Quo! In our second listener request episode we review Wet Hot American Summer and The Killer Inside Me. A wacky comedy and a brutal examination of a sociopath in 1950s Texas. Ah thematic juxtaposition, I love you so! Hopefully you do too Quid Pod Quoers. Hopefully you also like our new episode banners. Let us know what you think of them and the episode! See you in 2 weeks, for the first of our Halloween episodes 😉