Feb 16

Episode 26: Garcon Means Boy

Hey, hey, hey! It’s QUIIIIIIIIID Pod Quo! Two exes (Uma Thurman & Ethan Hop Hunt Hawke) square off this week. We try talking about the movies, but we get side tracked by tangents on LGBTQ issues and the greatness of Bobby De Nero and Russian literature. Both of us first saw these movies when we were roughly the same age (14), which one made a lasting impression, and which one is kinda “meh” even for the person who suggested it? Only one way to find out, listen to the episode!

Jul 15

Episode 12: Serendipity, Baby!

Going in, I never expected this to be one of our longest episodes. And believe it or not, the Christopher Nolan movie didn’t take up the majority of the discussion. Can a movie be a magic trick? Can a standard issue thriller still be good? And is Justine finally watching Doctor Who? Find out!

P. S. For the record, after Justine’s statements on this episode, I went back to see how many of her movies I liked during the course of the show. It’s more than half. So there!

Mar 28

Episode 7: Dirty, Sexy, Musicals

Finally, the Quid has come back to podcasting! You’ll have to excuse me,  I’m getting amped for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to the ring at Wrestlemania XXVIII this Sunday. What’s that got to do with Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Not a damn thing. But since we didn’t post a show last Tuesday, I felt a little flourish was in order for this week’s intro.

Every great show has a musical episode (right? RIGHT!???!?) and this is ours.

BTW, about 20 minutes in we had to change out a mic, so the sound quality changes a little bit. Other than that, enjoy!