May 25

Bonus Episode: X-Men Days of Future Past

Hey guys, here’s our bonus review of X-Men Days of Future Past! People are saying it’s the best X-Men movie yet. Do we agree? Only one way to find out!

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Aug 04

Episode 34: Clap, Clap; Snikt, Snikt!

Hey folks, before we dive into our next episode which promises to be incredibly depressing (Atonement and Requiem for a Dream aren’t exactly feel good crowd pleasers) we decided to review two movies currently in theaters: The Conjuring and The Wolverine! Please be warned though, as with all episodes of Quid Pod Quo, we will discuss these movies in-depth and you can (and should) expect spoilers for both of these movies (as well as a very small one for Hard Candy). Otherwise, enjoy our review and Justine’s strange preoccupation with dismembering Wolverine and how he heals.

Also, check out Jared’s deeper dive into The Wolverine in his written review!

Dec 29

Episode 23: Everyone to the Sleigh!

Hey there, QPQers! Hope your holiday season is treating you kind. Join us as Justine makes Jared watch Home for the Holidays and Rise of the Guardians to try and find a holiday movie he’ll like! Also, stick around after the end them for a heated and somewhat spoileriffic Doctor Who rant/discussion! Catch you all in 2013!

Jul 15

Episode 12: Serendipity, Baby!

Going in, I never expected this to be one of our longest episodes. And believe it or not, the Christopher Nolan movie didn’t take up the majority of the discussion. Can a movie be a magic trick? Can a standard issue thriller still be good? And is Justine finally watching Doctor Who? Find out!

P. S. For the record, after Justine’s statements on this episode, I went back to see how many of her movies I liked during the course of the show. It’s more than half. So there!