Mar 15

Episode 55: Twelve Years A Movie

Hey QPQers! After what seems like an eternity, your favorite couple is back! That’s right, Jesse & Celine from Richard Linklater’s Before film series! Your second favorite couple (that’s us, BTW) finally finishes reviewing the trilogy with Before Midnight. And we pair it with Linklater’s Oscar nominated movie filmed over the course of twelve years, Boyhood. Listen and see if we feel the Before trilogy sticks the landing and if Boyhood was worth the wait.


P.S. Spoilers for Gone Girl in our Before Midnight review.

Feb 14

Episode 54: Before & After

Welcome back, Quid Pod Quoers! After an unexpected break we’re back behind the mic. After discussing the future of Spider-Man films, we jump into our reviews of the first two movies in Richard Linklater’s romance trilogy, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. An appropriate choice for Valentine’s Day if I do say so myself!

*NOTE* In our Once & Future Queue at the beginning of the show, we briefly discuss the movie and the novel Horns. Spoilers ensue.

Feb 16

Episode 26: Garcon Means Boy

Hey, hey, hey! It’s QUIIIIIIIIID Pod Quo! Two exes (Uma Thurman & Ethan Hop Hunt Hawke) square off this week. We try talking about the movies, but we get side tracked by tangents on LGBTQ issues and the greatness of Bobby De Nero and Russian literature. Both of us first saw these movies when we were roughly the same age (14), which one made a lasting impression, and which one is kinda “meh” even for the person who suggested it? Only one way to find out, listen to the episode!