Jan 24

Episode 53: In A Finch

Hello QPQers! Listen to us argue about obsession and what movies we do and don’t like as we review David Fincher’s films Zodiac and The Social Network in our latest episode of Quid Pod Quo!



Oct 09

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Gone Girl

Welcome back to Quid Pod Quo folks! As a married couple that review films in our spare time, the new David Fincher film, Gone Girl seemed like a must watch for us. What did we think? What did it make us think? Does Jared ever freaking shut up about his man crush on Affleck? Only one way to find our QPQers!

Jun 06

Episode 10: Girls, Girls, Girls

Welcome back to your favorite movie review/married life podcast, Quid Pod Quo! This week we debut our new format (Quid Pod Quo 2.0). Please let us know what you think about the changes to the structure of the show. What works? What doesn’t?

As for the episode itself, this week we start off answering some listener emails before jumping right into our reviews The Other Boleyn Girl and the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Could we possibly have picked two more disparate movies? Maybe, but Justine refuses to watch Star Wars and I’m not touching the remake of The Longest Yard…