Jan 10

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Into The Woods

Happy 2015 everyone! We kick off the year with a bonus review of one of the last movies to hit theaters in 2014, Into the Woods! Does the Disney bought musical hit high notes or does it fall flat?  Also, at the top of our show we give our top 3 movies of 2014 and top 3 movies we were forced to review last year. Here’s links to episodes where we reviewed some of the movies that made our top lists:

Jared: Captain America: The Winter SoldierGone Girl, Top Gun, Love Me If You DareShawshank Redemption Domino

Justine: HornsGone GirlHannaShoot Em UpGuardians of the Galaxy

As well as our biggest disappointments of 2014:

Jared: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Justine: Veronica Mars

Finally we drop a very quick review of the latest Kevin Smith movie, Tusk.

Dec 29

Episode 23: Everyone to the Sleigh!

Hey there, QPQers! Hope your holiday season is treating you kind. Join us as Justine makes Jared watch Home for the Holidays and Rise of the Guardians to try and find a holiday movie he’ll like! Also, stick around after the end them for a heated and somewhat spoileriffic Doctor Who rant/discussion! Catch you all in 2013!