Mar 25

Episode 40: Paint The White House Black

Yes folks, we tried to review three movies this week. Though, to be fair Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down are so similar they might as well be the same movie. Rounding out our trifecta is  G.I. Joe Retaliation, which, believe it or not, we spend a lot of time discussing. Three loud action flicks? Leave your brain at the door this week kids!

And lest you think the title of this episode was inspired by Lil Wayne…

Feb 28

Bonus Episode: Live Fast, Die Hard (Bad Girls Do It Well)

Well, we certainly weren’t planning on this episode, but after an impromptu double feature, we decided that we just had to record a bonus episode of QPQ. The fifth Die Hard and the first in a new (possible) YA supernatural love story series were our selections this week. Hear why we were so passionate about these and felt compelled to record a bonus episode!

Feb 16

Episode 26: Garcon Means Boy

Hey, hey, hey! It’s QUIIIIIIIIID Pod Quo! Two exes (Uma Thurman & Ethan Hop Hunt Hawke) square off this week. We try talking about the movies, but we get side tracked by tangents on LGBTQ issues and the greatness of Bobby De Nero and Russian literature. Both of us first saw these movies when we were roughly the same age (14), which one made a lasting impression, and which one is kinda “meh” even for the person who suggested it? Only one way to find out, listen to the episode!

Oct 22

Bonus Episode: Looper

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to a bonus episode of QPQ! Our regularly scheduled Tuesday episode will be delayed a few days; buuuuuuuut we didn’t want to leave our loyal listeners in the lurch. Hence this bonus review of Looper. It’s sci-fi, but it also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will Justine’s feelings be torn? Is it as good as people are saying? As always HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! So listen with caution!

P.S. The in theater commentary I mentioned is available here