Jul 22

Episode 33: King of…Nothing

Welcome back QPQers! We’re coming to the end of our epic movie duology, and have saved the longest for last.  First we’ll discuss the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, then we dive into Titanic. Six hours and forty-five minutes of battles, blood, boobs, and boats (well, ships). Find out what we thought right now!

Oct 09

Episode 18: The Quirky & The Dead

Finally! It’s time for Jared’s choice on QPQ! Halloween is my favorite holiday and to celebrate, I’ll be hand picking 4 horror movies for us to discuss this month. First up, the granddaddy of the horror-comedy subgenre, Evil Dead II. After that we’ll be discussing the vamp love story that doesn’t sparkle, Near Dark. Enjoy and to quote the great George A Romero, “Stay Scared!”