May 28

Episode 9: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s The Avengers

We’re baaaaaaaack! Miss us? We sure as hell missed you guys. If you’re seeing this, then you stuck around through our unexpected hiatus and we cannot thank you enough.

Formalities out of the way, lets get down to business with a Very Special Episode. No, no one has a disease, or an underage drinking problem. It’s a different type of Very Special Episode. Two weeks ago, we sat down to review The Avengers, we had no idea it would end up breaking so many box office records. This will most likely be the biggest movie we review for Quid Pod Quo. Unless The Dark Knight Rises, makes it onto our review list!

The other reason this is a VSE is because it is the final episode of what we’re referring to as Quid Pod Quo 1.0. All of our episodes so far (including this one) were recorded on outdated, old software and woefully underpowered hardware. We wanted to create a podcast so bad, we just jumped right in with both feet and figured out mistakes as we went along. Now we feel a little more knowledgeable about what we’re doing. We have better software and hardware. We’re going to have a new show format that we think will work better and be more entertaining. And we’re excited to debut all of that to our loyal Quid Pod Quoers in our next episode! For now though, sit back, relax and hear our thoughts on the biggest movie of the year so far!

Apr 28


I posted about this on my personal Facebook page a few days ago, but I forgot that some of out listeners don’t have links to my or Justine’s personal FBs. Our home was broken into recently and, unfortunately, one of the items stolen was the computer we use to record the show. This means that the show i was in the middle of editing as well as any future shows are indefinately delayed. We love doing the show and can’t wqit to get back to it. However, saving for and buying a replacement will take some time. We hope to habe all our fans back (maybe even a few new ones too!) when we’re back up and running!

Apr 13

Episode 8: Vaya Con Diablo

Welcome back Quid Pod Quoers! This week we watched two films written by screenwriting darling of the indie scene, Diablo Cody. Both our hosts have strong feelings going into the episode (Justine liked Juno, Jared hated the writing). Will they feel the same after watching Jennifer’s Body and Young Adult?  Will Jared have to dust off his Emma Stone rant from The Help? Did Justine really see Jennifer’s Body before, or is she horribly mistaken? Find out now!

A little way into the Jennifer’s Body segment, my mic cut out and we had to re-record another day, so we may repeat ourselves. Sorry!

Apr 11

Bonus Episode: The Cabin In The Woods

We just came back from an advanced screening and immediately recorded a bonus podcast episode. But were we excited or angered or even–CABIN IN THE WOODS*

*It’ll make sense when/if you see the movie.

P.S. We go for about 20 minutes or so completely spoiler free. We give the briefest of plot summaries, our basic feelings and our ratings. After our warnings though, we spoil the hell out of the movie. There’s really no way not to. You’ve been warned. Listen to the first section, and if you think you want to see the movie, wait to listen to the second half AFTER you see it.




Apr 09

Hard (Core) Candy

While recording our latest episode, we dipped a toe into a discussion about a movie I’m a big fan of. Coincidentally, it was also a precursor of sorts to Quid Pod Quo,  in that it was movie I “forced” Justine to watch early in our relationship.

Hard Candy stars Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson in what is, essentially, a two character piece about guilt, innocence, perception and what justice and evil really look like. So much of the impact of the movie depends on processing the information as it is presented to you,  that I’m loathe to reveal much of the plot. I will say that Ellen Page plays Hayley, a young teenage girl who befriends the much older Jeff (Wilson) on the Internet. They meet at a café but Jeff convinces her to come back to his place to continue hanging out.What follows is not at all what you may be expecting.

At turns ugly, brutal, and hard to watch; but nonetheless, it will leave you questioning your own feelings about the phrase “let the punishment fit the crime”. And, as a comic book fan, it (perhaps unintentionally) makes you question the mindset that would drive a Batman, or a Wolverine to do what they do, and what that mindset looks like on someone not wearing a mask. Add to this stellar performances by Page & Wilson and you have what is easily one of my favorite films of the last decade.

Mar 28

The Hunger Games: They Will Leave You Sated!

 ****There are spoilers in this article if you haven’t seen the movie yet!  Also, it might be a good idea to read the books first.  In fact, yes read the books first.  Its ok.  I’ll wait******

I am the kind of nerd girl who was at the opening for The Deathly Hallows Pt2 with my Harry Potter Quidditch shirt, my Goblet of Fire hoodie, and my wand in hand! Unfortunately, though, I am also the kind of nerd girl who leaves the theater when seeing Goblet of Fire pissed as hell that they left Dobby out! What were they thinking! How are we supposed to care when Dobby dies! I even read all of the Twilight novels (yes I hear you all complaining already) and now only watch the movies to be pissed off that they don’t do ANYTHING right in them. I mean, if I were you guys I would be judgy too if, if I am basing my opinion on the series by the big steaming pile of crap that is the movies.

I digress. The point is I am very excited when my books I love to read make it to the big screen. I am also very critical of the things the producers and screen writers change or get wrong. So when we went into the theater to see Hunger Games, fresh on the heels of me finishing the first installment of the book series, I was prepared to be angry, confused, hurt or indignant. What I wasn’t prepared for was to actually be satisfied.

I had been putting off reading this series for at least a year. Everyone told me I would love it (Jared included). In many ways, I was just like my stubborn ten year old, who would also love this book series if he ever read it. Unfortunately, in my head I just couldn’t justify getting involved in yet another series about teenagers when I am still working on my bucket list of Classics, my current obsession with historical fiction, and for fun there is always the new Dexter I have been putting off purchasing. I am a grown up and should be putting away my childish things, right? Wrong! This is the first book series in a very long time that I was so excited for I read 850+ pages in three days. I just had to know where the world of Panem was going!

So apprehensively, scene by scene, I watched the characters come to life. Even though I was skeptical of the casting choices (I’m looking at you Josh Hutcherson), every actor was able to show me how they were the embodiment of their character. I believed Peeta’s love for Katniss, even though scenes were omitted or cut down for time. I also understood adding in Caesar Flickman and Claudius Templesmith as sort of play by play announcers and why they were necessary. I didn’t feel like it was an odd choice or that it took away from the movie at all. And now that I have finished book two, I even get why the gamemaker not only has a role, but a name and several scenes. I think they did an spectacular job on blending things in a way that will make this trilogy amazing for the screen.

On a side tangent, though, I would like to address the racist controversy surrounding the casting choices of Rue, Thresh, and Cinna. I really don’t understand it at all. For the first, simplest, reason I would like to point out that when you are reading the descriptions for Rue and Thresh, there is the description of their skin tone, and her curly black hair. You really have to be a moron to not put two and two together. As for Cinna, I thought it was a weird choice too. Not to be mean, but I thought they were just going for name power on this one, not acting skills. In my head, he was Asian. I don’t know why, there was no description of him other than the way he dressed and his tattoos. Lenny Kravitz did a great job with the few scenes he had, though, and I don’t think any fans can be pissed at that. He played the character the way he was meant to be seen from the book. Most of all, I think that these racist fans missed the over all point of the book. United we stand, divided we fall. We shouldn’t be fighting with one another over where we’re from, what we have or what we look like. I know it sounds corny, but when I was reading this book I never once thought “oh, these people must be white!” nor did I read it on the page. There were descriptions of common features, hair color, eye color, skin tone, but not ethnicity. The worst definition you see is the division between the haves and the have nots. Because of this way Suzanne Collins described her characters, when Finnick arrives next movie, I almost see a mixed or light skinned man with “bronze” hair and sea green eyes, a young Robert Ri’chard. Yes, in fact, I would be disappointed if he isn’t exactly that. So for the Tweeting Twats that say the “little black girl ruined the movie” I’d like to say take a nightlock berry and do the world a favor. We don’t’ want stupid catching fire.

Mar 28

Episode 7: Dirty, Sexy, Musicals

Finally, the Quid has come back to podcasting! You’ll have to excuse me,  I’m getting amped for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to the ring at Wrestlemania XXVIII this Sunday. What’s that got to do with Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Not a damn thing. But since we didn’t post a show last Tuesday, I felt a little flourish was in order for this week’s intro.

Every great show has a musical episode (right? RIGHT!???!?) and this is ours.

BTW, about 20 minutes in we had to change out a mic, so the sound quality changes a little bit. Other than that, enjoy!

Mar 18

Please excuse the lateness of our update.

Due to some time crunchy circumstances, our next episode will not be live on Tuesday. I feel horrible about this, but it’s really unavoidable.  I promise to have it up as soon as possible. Even if it means being a little less judicious with the editing than I usually am.

Thanks to all of our listener for all your continued feedback and support!

Mar 06

Episode 6: Am I Black Enough For You?

Wow.  Who would’ve thought that a critically acclaimed, Oscar nominated film would’ve lead to our most impassioned debate? In this episode find out:

-Justine’s rankings for Tarantino’s oeuvre.

-What British transvestite we quote when extremely sleep deprived.

-Whether or not being compared to The Color Purple is a good thing.

-And why Jared is actually excited about November’s Twilight Saga retrospective.

All this and the genesis of a Quid Pod Quo drinking game!

P. S.  No spouses were harmed in the making of this episode.

P. P. S.  Never let it be said that I’m not passionate about Quid Pod Quo. I spent the evening editing and uploading this episode instead of playing this :

Mass FREAKING Effect 3!

Hope you appreciate it!