Jan 19

Episode 37: Motherlover

Annnnnnnd we’re back! Fall/winter of 2013 came and went without any QPQ. But we’re back and we’re bringing one of 2013’s most controversial movies with us: Adore. The second half of our Naomi Watts double feature is the romantic comedy, Le Divorce co-starring Kate Hudson. Also, Jared dissolves into Macho Man Randy Savage for a little bit towards the end. Welcome back to QPQ for 2014!

Sep 05

Episode 36: I Scream, You Scream

Hey Quid Pod Quoers! We know it’s been a little bit since out last episode, but to make up for it, we’re giving you 3 movies for the price of one: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Well, we briefly touch on Shaun and Fuzz before going into a full on review and discussion of The World’s End. Enjoy it fast before it melts!

Aug 18

Episode 35: Suicide Watch


Hey QPQers, and welcome back! Today’s episode has two very dark and depressing movies, so if you’re looking for some uplifting fan-friendly fare, this isn’t for you. But if you want to hear us review two of the most critically acclaimed movies we’ve ever reviewed on QPQ, kick back, relax and listen to our reviews of Atonement and Requiem for a Dream!

Also, if you’re a comic reader and up want to try something new, check out GrayHaven Comics! Not only are they a company by creators and for creators, they also are where you can fine comics written by us, your illustrious hosts! A couple are still in production, but you can read Jared’s first published comics work in The Gathering: Adventure anthology. Use the discount code “Hive Mind” at checkout and get 20% your total order!

Aug 04

Episode 34: Clap, Clap; Snikt, Snikt!

Hey folks, before we dive into our next episode which promises to be incredibly depressing (Atonement and Requiem for a Dream aren’t exactly feel good crowd pleasers) we decided to review two movies currently in theaters: The Conjuring and The Wolverine! Please be warned though, as with all episodes of Quid Pod Quo, we will discuss these movies in-depth and you can (and should) expect spoilers for both of these movies (as well as a very small one for Hard Candy). Otherwise, enjoy our review and Justine’s strange preoccupation with dismembering Wolverine and how he heals.

Also, check out Jared’s deeper dive into The Wolverine in his written review!

Jul 22

Episode 33: King of…Nothing

Welcome back QPQers! We’re coming to the end of our epic movie duology, and have saved the longest for last.  First we’ll discuss the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, then we dive into Titanic. Six hours and forty-five minutes of battles, blood, boobs, and boats (well, ships). Find out what we thought right now!

Jul 06

Episode 32: Adamantium

Oh irony, you are a cruel mistress. After watching six Fast & Furious movies, we get into a car accident. No, we weren’t trying to live out any fantasies of joining Dom & Co. But we’re back with a bang on the Independence Day weekend as we discuss two epic ripped from the bloody pages of American history. The assassination of JFK and the story of the first Gangs of New York.

Jun 12

Episode 31: The Han Dynasty

It’s over, it’s all over! After three episodes, we bid adieu to Dom, Bryan and the Ride or Die crew. Oh, the series isn’t over. Not by a long shot! But our reviews of the series are for a little while. Put the pedal to the metal and listen as we wrap up the sextet? Sextology? Double trilogy! Enjoy.


May 28

Episode 30: Cars Against Humanity

Two-thirds of our The Fast and the Furious retrospective is now in the can and available for your listening pleasure! In this episode, we discuss the black sheep of the F&F series, Tokyo Drift and the back to basics sequel Fast & Furious.  Is the series still coasting along, or is the formula starting to run out of gas? All this and our (mostly) spoiler free thoughts on the Doctor Who season finale!

May 13

Episode 29: The Fast & The Bi-Furious

Buckle up QPQers, it’s time for our The Fast & The Furious retrospective! I saw the Super Bowl trailer for Fast 6 and decided this would be on our list for this year. Since Justine has seen about half of the 6 movies so far, the series still fits our criteria for a full on QPQ show. In this episode, we review the first two entries into the illegal street racing/heist series. And in the Once & Future Queue, Justine calls out Shonda Rhimes on her treatment of her gay and/or bi-sexual characters. All this in (appropriately) one of our fastest episodes yet!

Wondering where our term “bi-furious” came from? BAM!

May 08

Bonus Episode: Iron Man 3

As promised, here’s our bonus episode to tide you over till we start our The Fast & The Furious retrospective. The second biggest opening weekend of all time, but was it any good? Listen to our review and find out what we thought AND hear what our two special guests thought of the first summer blockbuster (and possibly the biggest movie) of 2013!