May 23

Episode 57: Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back

It’s a threeway! As payback for Jared picking the “Beforeseries, Justine picked three comedies to make Jared watch: Grandma’s Boy, Little Nicky, and Pitch Perfect. What did he think? Did Justine’s plan for revenge backfire?

May 09

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Avengers Age of Ultron

It’s finally here! What promised to be the biggest movie of the summer, if not the year, has hit theaters. What did we think of Avengers Age of Ultron? Listen and find out!

Apr 08

Episode 56: Fox Force Five

In this episode of Quid Pod Quo we review Top Five and Foxcatcher. Also, inspired by Top Five, we name our top five rappers and rockers. Like, a lot.

Mar 15

Episode 55: Twelve Years A Movie

Hey QPQers! After what seems like an eternity, your favorite couple is back! That’s right, Jesse & Celine from Richard Linklater’s Before film series! Your second favorite couple (that’s us, BTW) finally finishes reviewing the trilogy with Before Midnight. And we pair it with Linklater’s Oscar nominated movie filmed over the course of twelve years, Boyhood. Listen and see if we feel the Before trilogy sticks the landing and if Boyhood was worth the wait.


P.S. Spoilers for Gone Girl in our Before Midnight review.

Feb 19

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Kings College

Welcome back to a special bonus episode of Quid Pod Quo. In this episode we’ll discuss the critically acclaimed, racially charged comedy Dear White People and the over-the-top, ultraviolent comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. We also discuss an exciting way you can help torture us by making us watch Fifty Shades of Grey!

Feb 14

Episode 54: Before & After

Welcome back, Quid Pod Quoers! After an unexpected break we’re back behind the mic. After discussing the future of Spider-Man films, we jump into our reviews of the first two movies in Richard Linklater’s romance trilogy, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. An appropriate choice for Valentine’s Day if I do say so myself!

*NOTE* In our Once & Future Queue at the beginning of the show, we briefly discuss the movie and the novel Horns. Spoilers ensue.

Jan 24

Episode 53: In A Finch

Hello QPQers! Listen to us argue about obsession and what movies we do and don’t like as we review David Fincher’s films Zodiac and The Social Network in our latest episode of Quid Pod Quo!



Jan 10

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Into The Woods

Happy 2015 everyone! We kick off the year with a bonus review of one of the last movies to hit theaters in 2014, Into the Woods! Does the Disney bought musical hit high notes or does it fall flat?  Also, at the top of our show we give our top 3 movies of 2014 and top 3 movies we were forced to review last year. Here’s links to episodes where we reviewed some of the movies that made our top lists:

Jared: Captain America: The Winter SoldierGone Girl, Top Gun, Love Me If You DareShawshank Redemption Domino

Justine: HornsGone GirlHannaShoot Em UpGuardians of the Galaxy

As well as our biggest disappointments of 2014:

Jared: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Justine: Veronica Mars

Finally we drop a very quick review of the latest Kevin Smith movie, Tusk.

Dec 29

Episode 52: 80s Night Part 2

Happy holidays QPQers! We’re back with the second half of our 80s night two-parter. In this episode we review Justine’s pick, the essential 80s action flick, Top Gun and Jared’s pick, the sci-fi actioner Predator. Which one is more ridiculous? Listen and find out. Also, as a holiday bonus we give a very brief, spoiler free review of Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi movie, this summer’s Live. Die. Repeat.aka The Edge of Tomorrow!

p.s. in the Once & Future Queue, I mistakenly called Adrian Alphona, Adrian Alphonzo. Mea culpa.

Dec 20

Episode 51: 80s Night Part 1

Neither illness, nor overtime, nor packed schedules stays Quid Pod Quo from the (eventual) completion of our appointed rounds! After a brief delay we’re back with our reviews of the holiday classic, A Christmas Story and the seminal Brat Pack film, The Breakfast Club.