Episode 6: Am I Black Enough For You?

Wow.  Who would’ve thought that a critically acclaimed, Oscar nominated film would’ve lead to our most impassioned debate? In this episode find out:

-Justine’s rankings for Tarantino’s oeuvre.

-What British transvestite we quote when extremely sleep deprived.

-Whether or not being compared to The Color Purple is a good thing.

-And why Jared is actually excited about November’s Twilight Saga retrospective.

All this and the genesis of a Quid Pod Quo drinking game!

P. S.  No spouses were harmed in the making of this episode.

P. P. S.  Never let it be said that I’m not passionate about Quid Pod Quo. I spent the evening editing and uploading this episode instead of playing this :

Mass FREAKING Effect 3!

Hope you appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “Episode 6: Am I Black Enough For You?

  1. Ok, I’m about 25 minutes into listening and I wanted to mention that one day I was watching Doctor Who by myself on the laptop, and my wife started watching it over my shoulder. She then went back and watched all the episodes in the new series starting from the begining. Now, she wears the Tardis necklace that I got her for Christmas to work everyday. 😛

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