Damn Kurt Sutter & The Cold From Hell


We wanted to take the opportunity of the long weekend to watch our next two movies and record the next podcast. Unfortunately, two things conspired against us : a truly brutal cold and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix Instant.

The “cold” (our doc insists it wasn’t the flu,  but I don’t believe a word of it) had me almost immobilized on the couch Friday night through Saturday night. Fever, chills, headache, fatigue. Good stuff. The Geneva Convention barred me from being subjected to any Jane Austen in my already fragile condition; so what to do?

Enter Kurt Sutter’s excellent FX series, Sons of Anarchy.

Justine & I started watching the adventures of a fictional outlaw motorcycle club a couple of weeks ago.  In that time we finished the first season and realized we may have a problem on our hands.  In the 48 hours between Friday and Sunday, we completed the entire second season and part of the third. Now our suspicions were confirmed. I haven’t been this hooked on a show since I got caught up on Buffy & Angel.

We’re Sorry the “From Austen to Zombies” episode will be a little late. But in the meantime, if you aren’t watching already, give Sons of Anarchy a shot.  Just remember to check back soon for our next episode. Or better yet subscribe here or on iTunes. Oh,  and call out of work. You’re not gonna want to stop SoA.

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