Episode 18: The Quirky & The Dead

Finally! It’s time for Jared’s choice on QPQ! Halloween is my favorite holiday and to celebrate, I’ll be hand picking 4 horror movies for us to discuss this month. First up, the granddaddy of the horror-comedy subgenre, Evil Dead II. After that we’ll be discussing the vamp love story that doesn’t sparkle, Near Dark. Enjoy and to quote the great George A Romero, “Stay Scared!”


One thought on “Episode 18: The Quirky & The Dead

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen Sherlock S2 E2&3 by now, but they are EXCELLENT! I agree that S2 E1 was a little shaky, and well, you do know that S3 isn’t set to start until fall 2013…stupid Hobbit and Star Trek!

    Whenever it was in my youth that I came across the Evil Dead movies, was a really big turning point in my movie watching life. It changed me forever and was my gateway drug into many more sick and twisted movies like this. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bruce a couple times, one time at the Bubba Ho-Tep premiere in Detroit which was in a theater filled with Mr. Campbell’s family!

    I’ve actually never seen Near Dark, sounds alright! I’ll have to add it to the queue!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

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