Episode 16: Hippies & the Beast–Listener’s Request

Ahoy there! Thanks for checking out our first of two Listener Request episodes. In this one we review two movies suggested by members of our audience. Namely the city dwellers on the commune comedy Wanderlust, and the 2005 remake of King Kong. All this and more on episode 16 of Quid Pod Quo!


p.s. If anyone listening has a hookup for either Malin Akerman or Justin Theroux, please let us know! 😉


3 thoughts on “Episode 16: Hippies & the Beast–Listener’s Request

  1. I don’t know that Wanderlust is the type of movie that I would typically enjoy, but i did enjoy hearing you two talk about it.

    I can’t believe I sat though King Kong either, way too long and brought nothing new to the table. Total snooze fest. But then again, the Lord of the Rings movies bored me too. Bad Taste, Braindead (Dead Alive in America), Frighteners, and Heavenly Creatures are all really quite fantastic movies, so Peter Jackson has some good tightly written one’s in him.

    I have a hard time thinking of movies to recommend to you since Jared and I have similar taste and probably seek out the same type of movies.

    Oh, I better watch Killer Inside Me before the next episode…and thanks for not one, but two shout outs. 😉

  2. I love all of Peter Jackson’s other films, but I haven’t seen his “King Kong,” yet.

    However, I did want to add one little historical context to your viewing: The flick, like the original, is set in the 1932. This is only 14 years after World War One.

    Every man over the age of 28 in 1932 had served in the military in WWI. (Standards for recruitment were not enacted until WWII.)

    Every guy you see in “King Kong” (original or remake) has had experience running through field and forest, reading compasses, and cleaning & firing firearms. Even pudgy scriptwriters/producers/directors.

    Anyone who had survived the trench warfare and newly invented “mustard gas” chemical weaponry of “The Great War” was an “action hero” for their generation. Keep this in mind when you judge what action is “realistic” or not.

    (I will, on the other hand, have to watch out for that “time jump” when people are running back and forth to the ship…)

    • I didn’t think about that re: WWI, but that’s a really good point. I guess that’s one mark I can take away. The rest of it still seemed a mess though.

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