Episode 12: Serendipity, Baby!

Going in, I never expected this to be one of our longest episodes. And believe it or not, the Christopher Nolan movie didn’t take up the majority of the discussion. Can a movie be a magic trick? Can a standard issue thriller still be good? And is Justine finally watching Doctor Who? Find out!

P. S. For the record, after Justine’s statements on this episode, I went back to see how many of her movies I liked during the course of the show. It’s more than half. So there!


2 thoughts on “Episode 12: Serendipity, Baby!

  1. Prestige is a wicked movie, I love it. And I loved the casting of Bowie, Bowie is awesome, Justine is crazy. 😛

    General’s Daughter sounds just as bad as the trailer’s made it look 15 years ago or whenever it came out.

    Entertaining, marathon of an episode. It took me like like 5 hours to listen to it today!

    • Sorry for the length of that one. We’ve streamlined our plot summaries to avoid that again. It was brutal editing that one!

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