Episode 9: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s The Avengers

We’re baaaaaaaack! Miss us? We sure as hell missed you guys. If you’re seeing this, then you stuck around through our unexpected hiatus and we cannot thank you enough.

Formalities out of the way, lets get down to business with a Very Special Episode. No, no one has a disease, or an underage drinking problem. It’s a different type of Very Special Episode. Two weeks ago, we sat down to review The Avengers, we had no idea it would end up breaking so many box office records. This will most likely be the biggest movie we review for Quid Pod Quo. Unless The Dark Knight Rises, makes it onto our review list!

The other reason this is a VSE is because it is the final episode of what we’re referring to as Quid Pod Quo 1.0. All of our episodes so far (including this one) were recorded on outdated, old software and woefully underpowered hardware. We wanted to create a podcast so bad, we just jumped right in with both feet and figured out mistakes as we went along. Now we feel a little more knowledgeable about what we’re doing. We have better software and hardware. We’re going to have a new show format that we think will work better and be more entertaining. And we’re excited to debut all of that to our loyal Quid Pod Quoers in our next episode! For now though, sit back, relax and hear our thoughts on the biggest movie of the year so far!


4 thoughts on “Episode 9: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s The Avengers

  1. So, since my phone has been broken and I’ve been using a much older and not as technologically advanced one until I can get a new one (October at the VERY soonest), I haven’t been listening to the show. After reading the tweet regarding the most recent episode (the one with Better Luck Tomorrow), I decided to look backwards on the laptop and catch up. And oh my, I missed a lot. I figured out that this episode is where I stopped….so, I’m going to slowly catch up from here.

    I’m curious to see the deleted scenes on the blu-ray that is coming out soon to see what parts of the story it fills in. Actually I’d be curious to see a vid pod quo with your review of that.

    • They actually released a deleated scene today! Unfortunately I’m writing from my Nook and can’t paste the link, but just Google Avengers deleted scene.

      • Better? I think not. If you ask me Iron Man (1) was a way more solid story, emotionally more coneectnd, and developed the characters better.The second one was still fun, and again the sound track was awesome, but to say it was better than the first is a bit of a stretch to me.

        • I think the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor made IM2 a better movie; but then again it’s not fair to compare what is with what possibly could’ve been.

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