Bonus Episode: The Cabin In The Woods

We just came back from an advanced screening and immediately recorded a bonus podcast episode. But were we excited or angered or even–CABIN IN THE WOODS*

*It’ll make sense when/if you see the movie.

P.S. We go for about 20 minutes or so completely spoiler free. We give the briefest of plot summaries, our basic feelings and our ratings. After our warnings though, we spoil the hell out of the movie. There’s really no way not to. You’ve been warned. Listen to the first section, and if you think you want to see the movie, wait to listen to the second half AFTER you see it.





2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: The Cabin In The Woods

  1. Yea…..I’m going to totally avoid listening to this episode until I see the movie. Which is probably not going to be for a long time…. 🙁

    • Make sure you don’t let people tell you about it before you see it. It’ll be hard to avoid the talk and reviews, but so worth it.

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