Apr 25

Bonus Episode: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Surprise! Before we review Frozen and Veronica Mars, we’re dropping a special episode where we discuss the #1 movie in the world for three weeks in a row, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Part review, part discussion about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Is this the best Marvel movie yet, or is it just a lot of Hydra Hype? Listen to hear what we think!

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Apr 12

Episode 41: HASHTAG Y

I forget where the name of this episode came from, we were pretty tired when we recorded. Join us as we review two horror films. First up the latest from indie horror darlings Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett, You’re Next. Then we discuss the latest from Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem. One of them was my favorite horror movie I’ve seen in a while! Which one?  Listen and see!

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