Feb 16

Bonus Episode: The LEGO Movie

I’m sure when people heard there was going to me a “LEGO Movie”, countless eyes rolled across the world. But several excellent reviews and $100 million later, and eyes aren’t rolling anymore. But what do we, as both parents and LEGO fanatics, think of the latest kid’s movie phenomenon? Listen and find out!

Feb 06

Episode 38: A Bit O’ The Old Ultraviolence

Quid Pod Quo goes all-out this week reviewing two incredibly violent flicks. The 1987 sci-fi classic, Robocop and the cartoony, over-the-top gun fest from 20 years later, Shoot ‘Em Up. Both are Jared’s picks, so take a listen to see if Justine could stomach either movie!


As Jared mentioned on this episode, Robocop director Paul Verhoeven has mentioned in an interview the  connection between Robocop & Jesus. Check it out below!