Aug 18

Episode 35: Suicide Watch


Hey QPQers, and welcome back! Today’s episode has two very dark and depressing movies, so if you’re looking for some uplifting fan-friendly fare, this isn’t for you. But if you want to hear us review two of the most critically acclaimed movies we’ve ever reviewed on QPQ, kick back, relax and listen to our reviews of Atonement and Requiem for a Dream!

Also, if you’re a comic reader and up want to try something new, check out GrayHaven Comics! Not only are they a company by creators and for creators, they also are where you can fine comics written by us, your illustrious hosts! A couple are still in production, but you can read Jared’s first published comics work in The Gathering: Adventure anthology. Use the discount code “Hive Mind” at checkout and get 20% your total order!

Aug 04

Episode 34: Clap, Clap; Snikt, Snikt!

Hey folks, before we dive into our next episode which promises to be incredibly depressing (Atonement and Requiem for a Dream aren’t exactly feel good crowd pleasers) we decided to review two movies currently in theaters: The Conjuring and The Wolverine! Please be warned though, as with all episodes of Quid Pod Quo, we will discuss these movies in-depth and you can (and should) expect spoilers for both of these movies (as well as a very small one for Hard Candy). Otherwise, enjoy our review and Justine’s strange preoccupation with dismembering Wolverine and how he heals.

Also, check out Jared’s deeper dive into The Wolverine in his written review!