Oct 24

Episode 19: That (Ghostly) Thing You Do

Hey Quid Pod Quoers!  Pull up a chair and let’s chat about Poltergeist and The Thing; the last two movies in our Halloween reviews this year. Well, at least they’re what we’re supposed to be discussing. A Gossip Girl/Shakespeare tangent emerges at one point, it’s a whole thing… But we get back on track to discuss two of the seminal horror flicks from the 80s. Listen to find out which of these I compare to a Michael Bay movie! Admit it, you’re curious!

P.S. I mentioned Janet Varney and her awesome podcast, The J.V. Club on the show. Please check out an episode, or 12!

P.P.S. Spoilers for Gossip Girl end of season 5.

Oct 22

Bonus Episode: Looper

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to a bonus episode of QPQ! Our regularly scheduled Tuesday episode will be delayed a few days; buuuuuuuut we didn’t want to leave our loyal listeners in the lurch. Hence this bonus review of Looper. It’s sci-fi, but it also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will Justine’s feelings be torn? Is it as good as people are saying? As always HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! So listen with caution!

P.S. The in theater commentary I mentioned is available here

Oct 09

Episode 18: The Quirky & The Dead

Finally! It’s time for Jared’s choice on QPQ! Halloween is my favorite holiday and to celebrate, I’ll be hand picking 4 horror movies for us to discuss this month. First up, the granddaddy of the horror-comedy subgenre, Evil Dead II. After that we’ll be discussing the vamp love story that doesn’t sparkle, Near Dark. Enjoy and to quote the great George A Romero, “Stay Scared!”