Aug 30

Episode 15: Stoned in the End Zone

This episode is up late? Well, that’s just, like, your opinion man! This week we review stoner classic The Big Lebowski as well as the football comedy remake The Longest Yard. Is Jared right, and do the two films represent the different styles of comedy that our hosts prefer? Or is he just a hipster music douchebag? Listen and find out! Also let us know what you think of the new logo for this episode!

Aug 14

Episode 14: I Want My MTV (Films)

Travel back with us to a simpler time.  Before mortgages, and 401ks, and quarterly reviews. Quid Pod Quo is going back to high school this week. Join us as we discuss the trials and tribulations being a Texas high school football player in Justine’s pick for this week, Varsity Blues. And see how straight A’s and a stereotypically passive demeanor helps four Asian American friends avoid suspicion as a criminal organization in Jared’s pick, Better Luck Tomorrow. Listen to us on your lunch period, or under the bleachers on the football field. Just don’t get caught listening during study hall!