May 25

Bonus Episode: X-Men Days of Future Past

Hey guys, here’s our bonus review of X-Men Days of Future Past! People are saying it’s the best X-Men movie yet. Do we agree? Only one way to find out!

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Apr 25

Bonus Episode: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Surprise! Before we review Frozen and Veronica Mars, we’re dropping a special episode where we discuss the #1 movie in the world for three weeks in a row, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Part review, part discussion about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Is this the best Marvel movie yet, or is it just a lot of Hydra Hype? Listen to hear what we think!

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Feb 16

Bonus Episode: The LEGO Movie

I’m sure when people heard there was going to me a “LEGO Movie”, countless eyes rolled across the world. But several excellent reviews and $100 million later, and eyes aren’t rolling anymore. But what do we, as both parents and LEGO fanatics, think of the latest kid’s movie phenomenon? Listen and find out!

May 08

Bonus Episode: Iron Man 3

As promised, here’s our bonus episode to tide you over till we start our The Fast & The Furious retrospective. The second biggest opening weekend of all time, but was it any good? Listen to our review and find out what we thought AND hear what our two special guests thought of the first summer blockbuster (and possibly the biggest movie) of 2013!

Feb 28

Bonus Episode: Live Fast, Die Hard (Bad Girls Do It Well)

Well, we certainly weren’t planning on this episode, but after an impromptu double feature, we decided that we just had to record a bonus episode of QPQ. The fifth Die Hard and the first in a new (possible) YA supernatural love story series were our selections this week. Hear why we were so passionate about these and felt compelled to record a bonus episode!

Oct 22

Bonus Episode: Looper

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to a bonus episode of QPQ! Our regularly scheduled Tuesday episode will be delayed a few days; buuuuuuuut we didn’t want to leave our loyal listeners in the lurch. Hence this bonus review of Looper. It’s sci-fi, but it also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will Justine’s feelings be torn? Is it as good as people are saying? As always HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! So listen with caution!

P.S. The in theater commentary I mentioned is available here

Apr 11

Bonus Episode: The Cabin In The Woods

We just came back from an advanced screening and immediately recorded a bonus podcast episode. But were we excited or angered or even–CABIN IN THE WOODS*

*It’ll make sense when/if you see the movie.

P.S. We go for about 20 minutes or so completely spoiler free. We give the briefest of plot summaries, our basic feelings and our ratings. After our warnings though, we spoil the hell out of the movie. There’s really no way not to. You’ve been warned. Listen to the first section, and if you think you want to see the movie, wait to listen to the second half AFTER you see it.