Aug 07

Bonus Episode: Suicide Squad

*taps mic*

Hey there, QPQers! Thank you so much for your understanding while our family went through a difficult time these past few month. It was never our intention for our hiatus to last as long as it did, but now, QPQ is back with a review of the newest entry in the Extended DC Universe, Suicide Squad.¬†Reception to this movie has been mixed, to say the least. What did we think? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

P.S. Jared’s still a little rusty and didn’t realize till after Justine left for a week at Boy Scout camp that the recording abruptly cuts off about 15-20 minutes of the show. Sorry folks! ūüôĀ

May 09

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Avengers Age of Ultron

It’s finally here! What promised to be the biggest movie of the summer, if not the year, has hit theaters. What did we think of Avengers Age of Ultron? Listen and find out!

Feb 19

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Kings College

Welcome back to a special bonus episode of Quid Pod Quo. In this episode we’ll discuss the critically acclaimed, racially charged comedy Dear White People¬†and the over-the-top, ultraviolent comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. We also discuss an exciting way you can help torture us by making us watch Fifty Shades of Grey!

Jan 10

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Into The Woods

Happy 2015 everyone! We kick off the year with a bonus review of one of the last movies to hit theaters in 2014, Into the Woods! Does the Disney bought musical hit high notes or does it fall flat?  Also, at the top of our show we give our top 3 movies of 2014 and top 3 movies we were forced to review last year. Here’s links to episodes where we reviewed some of the movies that made our top lists:

Jared: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Gone Girl, Top Gun, Love Me If You Dare, Shawshank Redemption Domino

Justine: Horns, Gone Girl, Hanna, Shoot Em Up, Guardians of the Galaxy

As well as our biggest disappointments of 2014:

Jared: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Justine: Veronica Mars

Finally we drop a very quick review of the latest Kevin Smith movie, Tusk.

Nov 12

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Horns

It’s been a little while, but we’re back! Listen to our review of Horns, the new movie starring the former Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe. Is it the breakaway performance his fans have been waiting for? Is the first film adaptation of a work by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) a hit! Listen and find out!

Oct 09

Quid Pod Quo Bonus Episode: Gone Girl

Welcome back to Quid Pod Quo folks! As a married couple that review films in our spare time, the new David Fincher film, Gone Girl seemed like a must watch for us. What did we think? What did it make us think? Does Jared ever freaking shut up about his man crush on Affleck? Only one way to find our QPQers!

Jul 03

Bonus Episode: 22 Jump Street

Here at Quid Pod Quo we don’t review comedies often, but we made an exception for 22 Jump Street, the sequel to the surprise hit parody of the 80’s cop show. This is also our third Channing Tatum movie review in 2014. Is Justine stacking the deck or is Jared finally admitting he likes the pretty boy action star? Is this a worthy follow up to the original? What lessons did the directing duo of Lord & Miller take from their previous hit The LEGO Movie¬†and apply to this raunchy flick? Listen and find out!