Apr 19

Vid Pod Quo #6: Evil Dead 2013

I am a fan of 2/3s of the original trilogy, and don’t hate remakes outright. What are my thoughts on the remake of this horror classic? Watch and find out! Also, check out our review of the sequel to the original Evil Dead HERE!

Jun 03

Vid Pod Quo Episode 1: Snow White & The Huntsman

What’s this? A video review?!?! Why yes it is! As part of our Quid Pod Quo 2.0 refresh, we’re adding some video reviews to the mix to give more content more often. Justine will still be doing her text reviews on the site from time to time, but I’m quitting that jazz, and when I need to do a quick review, it’ll be in this format! It didn’t make sense to change the Quid Pod Quo format from 2 movies to one, and still call it an episode. So unless it’s paired with another movie, it’ll get a text review from Justine and/or a video review from yours truly. Hope you guys enjoy!